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Hip-Hop Artists in Brooklyn

The team at Mirror Ink Production, LLC offers some of Brooklyn’s finest talent in hip-hop. Combining a pioneering sound with lyrical artistry, we’re keeping on the cutting edge of the local music scene, inspiring younger generations, and building a community of likeminded fans.

We’re available for gigs, collaborations, and music production. We’re always looking for the latest underground talent, so be sure to drop us a line if you think you have what it takes to join our team.


Meet Our Team of Local Hip-Hop Artists

We’re proud to have filled out our roster with some of New York City’s most talented rising stars. Among our ranks are:

Madam Dee

Combining virtuosic melodies with down-and-out beats, Madam Dee has made a name as an innovator in the local hip-hop music scene. Her music blurs the line between dub, trap, folk, and EDM.


A showstopper with chops like no other. His lyrics are fluid, his beats are bombastic, and his ingenuity is second to none. This is one artist you don’t want to miss.


Born in Jamaica and now living in New York for many years, Humbleton’s life story is something that will be familiar to many New York City newcomers. Inspired by the music of his compatriots—Bob Marley, Terro Fabulous, and Buju Banton, to name a few—Humbleton has never strayed from his reggae roots. Instead, he’s assimilated the NYC soundscapes into his own unique blend of music. The result is a one-of-a-kind fusion. Be sure to check it out.

Listen to Us on Spotify!

Our music’s now available on Spotify. Search for any of the above artists to check out their music for yourself. But be warned: You’ll be hooked. You won’t want to stop. Prepare for an entrancing experience.

Hip-Hop Performing Artists

The crew at Mirror Ink Production, LLC is constantly seeking new music venues to unleash their musical talent. Their live performances have been hailed as a revelation: a high-octane thrill ride that lends itself to collective euphoria. No other team performs with such passion, such energy.

We are available for private and public performances, including the following types of events:

  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Benefit and Fundraiser Events
  • Festivals
  • Community Events
  • …and more

Need a Hip-Hop Producer? We’re Here to Help

Our studio is open to those looking for top-quality music production. We use a collaborative approach to guide young artists, nurture their skillset, and help them grow as musicians. It’s what makes us different from your traditional record label or hip-hop music studio.

If you’re looking for a producer, we’re here to help. Contact us today. Change your life forever.

Get in Touch with Brooklyn’s Best Hip-Hop Production Studio

We’re now taking requests for gigs, collabs, and music production. Whether you have an upcoming event or you need the help of a seasoned hip-hop mentor, you’ll find a place with the team at Mirror Ink Production, LLC.

Why wait? Contact us today.