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Music in Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s jam-packed with some of the world’s best music studios. But one of them stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Mirror Ink Production, LLC is one of Brooklyn’s top independent music studios. Since our humble origins, we’ve built a world-class reputation as an innovator, a pioneer, and a leader in the local hip-hop and reggae music scene.

Our crew is available for gigs, collaborations, and studio music production. To schedule a consultation, or to find out more about our services, call us at (914) 563-1979 today.


Local Talent from a Local Music Studio

We’re proud to have among our ranks some of the finest talent from the local music scene. Our roster includes:

  • Kempo—Bringing slick beats and smooth grooves, Kempo is a rising star in the local hip hop scene. His rapping is lyrical and methodical—rhythmic yet melodic. Featuring 808s, hi-hats, and synth tracks, his music blurs the line between trap, east-coast hip-hop, and reggae music.
  • Madam Dee—Spitting rhymes like no one before, Madam Dee is one of New York’s many hidden treasures. Dense and complex, her multi-layered music is a feast for any aficionado. She blends conventional genres—borrowing from EDM, dub, trap, and acoustic music— to create a singular sonic fusion. She’s electric, she’s eclectic, and she’s one local artist you don’t want to miss.
  • Humbleton—Hailing from Jamaica but now living in New York, Humbleton is a natural innovator. His music is a patchwork of new wave hip hop and old-school reggae, blending modern synths and 808s with the sounds and instruments of his homeland. The result? A unique, innovative sound that no other artist can emulate. Check out his music and see for yourself how he’s changing the industry.

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Brooklyn’s Best Performing Artists

We don’t just make some of the best music in the city. We also put on some of the best shows. Each of our artists is a renowned musical performer. With passion in their hearts and verve in their soul, they bring an unprecedented level of energy to the stage. They’re dynamic, they’re ecstatic, and they’re ready to make your next show a hit.

Available for:

  • Weddings
  • Music Venues
  • Festivals
  • Community Events
  • Benefit Concerts
  • Bars and Cafés
  • Anniversaries
  • Fundraisers
  • …and more

We are available to play across Brooklyn, as well as across New York City and Westchester County. Be sure to book us for your gig today.

Mirror Ink Production, LLC: Your Top Choice for Local Music Production

We are open to all artists who need a music studio to call home. As a local operation, we promote local artists who need top-notch representation. We’re here to mentor musicians, nurture their talent, and give them the tools they need to compete in a competitive music scene.

We’re now looking for local talent to fill out our roster. To see what we can do for you, give us a call at (914) 563-1979 today.

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Whether you’re looking for a music producer or local performing artists, you can’t go wrong with Mirror Ink Production, LLC.

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