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You need more than a passion for making money to thrive in this industry. What you really need is a passion for music. When you have that, everything else follows. If you’re looking to work with a production, management, and booking agency that cares, contact Mirror Ink Production, LLC at (914) 563-1979 today.

Westchester County | Brooklyn

Hip Hop Artists

At Mirror Ink Production, LLC, we are proud to host the leading local talent in hip hop music. The face of our studio, Humbleton, is renowned for his inspiring lyrics, innovative beats, and unique fusion of hip hop and reggae music. He creates music that’s at once enjoyable and insightful, poignant yet optimistic.

Westchester County | Brooklynn

Raggae Music

Mirror Ink Production, LLC is Westchester’s leading studio for reggae music. Since opening our doors, we’ve built a strong reputation based on our innovative beats, our talented roster of musicians, and our unwavering passion for music.

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